From Budapest via the M3 motorway

  • In Budapest, you take the M3 towards Miskolc until exit 114 Füzesabony, Eger, Tiszafüred (114 is also the distance from Budapest).
  • There you follow road 33 direction of Poroszló, until you reach Tiszafüred.
  • Keep following road 33 direction of Debrecen (approximately 1 km) until you see agranary on your right and Gémes Restaurant on your left.
  • Here, take right direction of Abádszalók, Fegyvernek.
  • After 7 km on this road, you drive through Tiszaszőlős.
  • Stay on this road for another 2,5 km.
  • Turn right at the first bifurcation direction of Abádszalók.
  • After another 6 km you arrive in Tiszaderzs.
  • Stay on the main road; on your right you can see the church.
  •  From here it’s the second road on your right.
  • There’s a sign on the corner. Follow this road for 150 m and you’ll see the Tisza Lodge on your left.

From Budapest via road 4

  • From Budapest, you take road 4 in the direction of Szolnok – Debrecen.
  • Follow this main road (no motorway) until you passed Szolnok (approximately 100 km).
  • Keep on following road 4 until you pass Törökszentmiklós.
  • Then you take exit 34 towards Fegyvernek – Tisza-to.
  • You keep following this road through Kunhegyes, where you take the road towards Abádszalók.
  • From there you stay on the main road until you arrive in Tiszaderzs.
  • There you take the first asphalted street on your left past the water tower.
  • There’s a sign on the corner. Follow this road for 150 m and you’ll see the Tisza Lodge on your left.


Tisza Lodge
Ady Endre ut 16
5243 Tiszaderzs

Tel.: +36 30 29 65 960

GPS locatie:
+47° 30′ 44.14″ (N 47.51226)
+20° 38′ 09,56″ (E 20.63599)

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