The environement

Thanks to the central location of Tisza Lodge, numerous day trips are possible, the full list can be viewed upon arrival. The list of authentic restaurants with menus is also available for our guests.

Wine Town Eger
Poesta ötös Hortobágy
Eger Dobo tér


Is one of most-frequented places near Lake Tisza. Plenty of water sports facilities and small terraces close to the beach.


The capital of the lake region. Lounge the market on Thursday or Saturday mornings. Visit the pottery museum and the thermal bath and the beach.


National Park proudly carries the title of UNESCO World Heritage and is the best place to discover the PUSTA.


Thermal and open-air pool. Open all year long, our guests can enjoy this treasure the gold of Kiskunság, whether they look for healing or for refreshment.


Our favourite town with lots of places of interest and nice shopping streets. Wine lovers can go to Szépasszony Völgy outside the town where they can taste wines in several wine cellars.


Is the scientific and cultural centre and issometimes called Calvinist Rome. It’s also a festival city. The large forest of Debrecen is a popular recreation area with a big park, a beautiful university, the thermal and adventure bath Aquaticum, ….


Our County capital has changed pleasantly after renovation. Via the peninsula “Tiszaliget” where the spa and adventure pool “Liget Termálstrand és Élményfürdő” is located, guests can cross the Tisza river with the beautiful footbridge and visit the large park and the city.
The interactive aviation museum “RepTár” is an attraction for young and old and our guests can shop to their hearts’ content in the large supermarkets on the outskirts of the city.

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