Lake Tisza

This artificial reservoir in the vast Hungarian lowlands (Poesta) was created when the Tisza river was dammed. It grew into a mecca for nature and bird lovers, fishermen, and water sports enthusiasts. The fauna and flora are of a rarely seen wealth.

You discover the beauty of the lake that covers 127 km2:

  • From a boat, canoe, kayak, whether or not accompanied by a guide.
  • from the waterpromenade: you walk here among the reeds and you can also climb the panorama tower and look for birds of prey and herons.
  • on the island where they have mapped out beautiful routes: the giant mayfly walk and the swamp walk
  • on a  bicycle on the dikes around the lake
  • From one of the beaches around the lake
  • on a jetski, a banana etc. for the sporty types
  • by visiting the ecological center with, among other things, the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe
  • by visiting the Fishladder, a hydraulic engineering work that aims to give fish access to the hinterland.
  • on a cozy terrace with a snack and drink  near the water
  • looking at the hundreds of birds that feel at home here
  • and new items are added every year …
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